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Oct 25,2023

How to Use a Potato Peeling Machine for Restaurant Business

If you have a French fries or chips restaurant, there will be a need for a very essential machine. That machine is a potato peeling machine, which is kind of a relief for all the professionals.

These professionals have to deal with massive orders of fast food, which means they can not take risks in quality and quantity. So, having a machine like this one can bring your productivity to a top level, which is not possible with manual work.

However, you will have to be careful in using it when feeding potatoes because its sharp abrasives are not something to play with.

Besides, you will be able to have higher productivity in the form of tons of potatoes peeling from this machine. If you are on your way to purchasing it, then you must be looking for how to use it. Using it requires a little guidance, and you can see that below.

Fill the Potatoes in the Machine

The first step is to fill potatoes in the peeling machine. That is about peeling a large quantity in this machine without the use of any manual work. You do not need to use a workforce for manual peeling because a single machine can do that. Just fill the potatoes and move to the next step.

A Machine Can Take an Average 40 KG Load in One Round 

Before you go to the next step, have a look at the average limit of load a machine can handle. Some machines can handle up to 40 kgs of potatoes in a single load.

At the same time, some machines can take over 70 kgs of potatoes in them. The limit depends on the size of your potato peeling machine. Make sure you do not overfill it. Otherwise, the machine will not be able to process it well.

Switch the Machine on and Wait for 1-2 Mins

After you fill the potatoes in the machine, it is time to switch it on. Since it is an automatic machine, you will not have to do anything except wait for it. There is a complex system inside the machine, where an inlet and outlet of the water system are installed.

There are abrasives inside the machine that are supposed to peel off the potatoes you fill in the machine. Since these abrasives are made of food-grade material, you do not need to worry about health issues. Moreover, the stainless-steel body and other components prevent any risk of corrosion.

What Happens Inside the Machine?

Let’s see what happens inside the machine because this is what you came for. It is all about peeling loads of potatoes in just a few minutes.

Water Spraying Softens the Potatoes’ Surface

You read in the above section that a potato peeling machine has an inlet and outlet of water flow. This machine softens the potatoes while peeling them. It also cleans them when they are peeled.

You have to connect the water piper with the inlet to flow the water inside the machine. Then, the machine sprays the potatoes during the process to clean and peel them. When the water softens the surfaces of potatoes, then the abrasives peel them better.

Rapid Peeling of Potatoes

Let the peeling begin. Once the process starts, the abrasives inside the machine will do the peeling. They are in the form of rollers mostly, and that is how they remove the skin of potatoes.

The process is a rapid one if we compare it with manual peeling. That is like replacing multiple laborers with a single machine. No risk of injury or inconsistent peeling takes place in it. The consistency of peeling is higher than your expectation. People who are running food businesses will find it really helpful for speeding up the task. 

Take the Potatoes Out

After a few minutes, the machine will stop. Then you can take the potatoes out. All the potatoes will seem really good when you see the results. A potato peeling machine has an outlet from where the potatoes are released.

Once you take the potatoes out, you can fill more potatoes and repeat the process in your food production. Since it is used for industrial activities, you will be able to generate a large number of profits through it.

Clean the Machine Thoroughly in the End

Then you need to clean the machine at the end. Do not leave it uncleaned, even if it is made of stainless steel. There is a limit of resistance in stainless steel, which can be challenged by the continuous risk of corrosion.

If you leave it unclean mostly, there will be a risk of corrosion. Then the machine will have rust and stains. This can be harmful to the consumers, and you will not be able to maintain food safety compliance.

What Makes a Potato Peeling Machine Valuable in Restaurant Business?

There are many advantages this machine gives to restaurateurs and food professionals in the industry. From speed to accuracy, you can find lots of advantages required by food businesses.

Fast Processing

You do not need to hire many laborers for manual work like peeling potatoes and other vegetables. This machine alone can handle this task.

That is about speeding up the process to serve hundreds of customers in a short time. That is why every restaurant must own potato peeling machines for a fast peeling process.

Reduces Manual Work

Since it reduces the time and effort, the results come in the form of labor cost reduction. A single machine can do the job of multiple workers at a time, and this is how it reduces the time and cost of potato peeling.

This is how it works, and you can use it for automation in the food cooking operations. Having these machines for the French fries and potato chips business will give you an advantage in the industry. That advantage will come when you use machines like this one. They will give you rapid results.

Consistency in Potato-Peeling Quality

The potato you use for the production of chips must be well-peeled and consistent in quality. That consistency comes when you use potato peeling machines. These machines are good at maintaining the consistency of peeling through their sharp rollers.

Their rollers ensure that each potato gets full peeling from every angle. When there is consistency, there will be a better impression on customers. No sign of potato skin will be on the chips, which is common in manual potato peeling.

Customers Won’t Wait Much

Your customer service will get the maximum benefit from that. Fast food restaurants have one issue, which is about peak time rush. That rush hour has to be dealt with fast processing inside the kitchen as well as on the counter.

When you use these potato peeling machines, your customers will be served faster. That makes the use of this machine valuable.

That’s all for you. Hopefully, you will be able to utilize a potato peeling machine for your business. That will certainly increase productivity, which is the main objective of every restaurant business. In the end, you will be able to maintain the quality, customer service, and brand image of your kitchen business.

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