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Oct 20,2023

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Commercial Kettle Mixer

Commercial kitchens responsible for producing a high volume of food constantly face pressure to meet the demand schedules. At these food facilities, kitchen equipment should make the work easier and food preparation as smooth as possible.

Commercial kitchens should have the latest equipment to handle large volumes of food preparation. One such vital piece of equipment that is essential for a commercial kitchen setup is a commercial steam kettle.

Selecting the right equipment type can have a major impact on the success of a commercial kitchen and can pay off in the long run, even if the equipment purchase is expensive and weighs heavy on the pocket. In this blog, we will tell you what factors you need to consider when buying a commercial steam kettle for an industrial kitchen setup.

Commercial Kettles: Why Should You Buy One?

Commercial steam kettles have numerous benefits for an industrial food facility. First and foremost, these kettles can boost the efficiency of any industrial kitchen. They are mainly used to prepare stocks and boil grain. This means that they significantly cut down the food preparation time.

What is more, they make work easier for the working staff as the chefs do not have to concentrate on checking the kettle at regular intervals, which means that they can focus on the more important tasks of the food preparation process.

Another feature that makes commercial kettles special and contributes to the productivity in the kitchen is that they have a large volume.

Key Features To Consider While Buying a Cook Kettle

Steaming Mechanism Options

Steaming kettles are available in two models, namely direct and self-contained. In the direct steam version, the steam is sucked from an outside boiler and distributed in the metal jacket surrounding the kettle.

The downside of this kettle design is that maintenance is difficult. It is a hassle to maintain the boiler, and the pipe connections need to be cleared of contamination and blockages routinely.

Self-contained kettles are another kind of kettle that is popularly used in the food industry. They incorporate a design of heating through a closed steam system. This involves filling the jacket with water manually.

The heating element at the bottom of the steam kettle boils the water. This kettle type's design is complicated, so they have a higher price than direct steam kettle models. The positive side is that maintenance of self-contained kettles is easier and not as frequently required.

When buying a commercial kettle for a large-scale food facility, it is crucial to analyze the pros and cons of the steaming method and whether it would be suitable for your operations and only then proceed with the purchase.

Have a Clear Idea About the Volume

No two commercial food preparation businesses are alike. Whether you are running a food catering service or a soup kitchen for the poor, the quantity of food prepared varies vastly. The volume of sauce or soup to be prepared is calculated according to one service day.

Having an accurate idea about how much quantity you would need for a single day will help you select the right-sized commercial kettle. There are a lot of different-sized kettles to choose from, and the numerous choices can confuse you if you don't have the correct idea about your own requirements.

If your kitchen operations depend heavily on the kettle, it is better to opt for a kettle with a higher capacity that can take the workload.

Functional Control Features of Cooking Kettles

Nowadays, you will find a mind-blowing variety of cooking kettles with lots of controls and high-tech features. Do not be confused regarding these features. Keep in mind that the standard features remain the same in every model.

These common features are related to controlling the temperature, such as thermostats and safety valves, and pressure, such as pressure limit switches and timers. The latest steam kettles have electronic controls for a more automated work process, although they come in the high-end category. It totally depends on your budget and preference on how much automation you want.

Make a Choice Between Gas and Electric

When it comes to running kitchen equipment, you have the option to either operate them on gas or electric. Industrial kitchen equipment like cook kettle mixing machines are available in both electric and gas versions.

If you have an established business handling large volumes of food orders, then gas models are more suitable as they remain in one place. Electric kettle machines are more portable and are smaller and lightweight, so they are more suited for a smaller kitchen setup. But that is not the only thing that matters when selecting between gas and electric.

The per-day energy costs and the number of usage hours are also vital aspects that need to be considered before making a choice that sustains your business operations.

Taking a Wise Decision Before Investing in Kitchen Equipment

In conclusion, selecting the right commercial kettle mixer is a crucial decision for businesses in the food industry. It's a choice that can impact the efficiency, quality, and overall success of your culinary operations.

Our comprehensive guide has provided you with the essential knowledge and key factors to consider when making this important decision. Remember, the ideal kettle mixer should align with your specific needs, whether you're a restaurant, catering service, or food production facility.

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